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Pressure Water Tank/ Calorifier /Air Bottle

Pressure Water Tank

Our pressure cabinet is suitable to provide daily fresh water, sea water and sanitary water , it is applicable to the fresh water pipeline and the sanitation water system
In terms of working manner, It can classified as drinking water pressure tank, fresh water pressure tank, sea water pressure tank and chemical storing tank

The hot water tank can used for heating the water from normal temperature to 60-80 degree by steam or electricity for on board staff

Order Notice:
The specification is decided with the volume
Technical parameter requires while ordering, we will produce according to your requirement
Our Engineer can do on board survey and measurement, or fabricate accord the old equipment

Air Bottle
Air bottle is used to store compressed air and supply start up or air whistle for main engine and auxiliary engine

Two types:
A: Vertical or inclination
B: Horizontal

A style is made up of bottle valve and steel body, body has hand hole (or man hole) for easy wash and examination , and bottle valve set up inlet/outlet valve safety valve, drain valve etc
B style is made up of steel body manhole for easy examination and repairs set inlet /outlet valve, installation seat etc