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ME/AE Air Coolers

We supply all type of diesel air-coolers that are good efficiency and compact heat exchangers used to cool diesels and increase air pressure to raise efficient for diesel engine greatly , which also can apply to various Main Engine .

Tube Sheet: Naval Brass
Tube: AL-Cu /Cu-Ni
Fin: Copper
To meet the requirement of our customers specification and different water quality, we are able to provide the optimum material combination of tube, tube fin, tube sheet and water headers , our standard range of tube material comprise copper , aluminum brass ,copper-nickel alloy , titanium .

● The specification is decided by the area of heat exchanger that is the summation of the surface areas of air cooler tubes and cooling fins
● Technical parameter and drawing requires while ordering
● Our engineer can do on board survey and measurement, or fabricate accord to the old equipment
● We provide chemical and ultrasonic cleaning service as well .