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Plate Type Heat Exchanger

Plate-type heat exchange can classified to plate-type cooler and plate-type heater

The plate-type cooler is used for cooling the lubrication oil , fresh water or acid and alkali media on the power equipment

The plate-type heater is used for heating fresh water , oil and drinking water

1. Stainless steel 304
2. Stainless steel 316
3. Titanium and titanium alloy

Max working Temperature of gasket material
Bucrylate 120

Working pressure
1.0-2.0 MPa

Compact size
The plate-type heat exchanger occupy much less space for maintenance and repairing , even with very limited space volume of frame but provide large heating area, the capacity volume is only 30% and occupied only 1/5 – 1/10 floor area  compare tube-shell heat exchanger

Light weight
The weight can be reduced as much as 50% due to small frame and volume

High heat transmission
Due of high torrential flow of the fluid inside, the heat transmission coefficient if 3 to 5 times high than tube type heat exchanger

Easy for dismantling
There is no welding upon the plate-type heat exchanger, so it is easy to dissemble in case of cleaning or replacing require , and easy for increasing or decreasing the plates , all the means that is has high flexibility

Low scaling possibility
The higher smoothness of the plate and the torrential flow of fluid inside the passage way result in thinner layer of scale so that the heat resisting coefficient is only 1/5 in compare to tube-type heat exchanger.

Avoid of mixing of the two media
In case of leakage of the fluid from the sealing gasket, the fluid can only came out from the overflow hole without being mixed

High rate of heat recovery
As a result of high rate of heat transmission by way of the backflow mode, the heat difference of the end is as little as 1 degree so that the rate of heat recovery is as high as 95%

Minimum hold up of liquid
Its hold up of 80% less that of the tube type heat exchanger

Order Notice:

New type design & fabricate according to clients’s requirements
We supply plate & gasket spares for heater exchanger, such as ALFA-LAFA,APV ,SONDEX ,TRANTER, GEA etc
Plate/gasket replacement or new fabrication according to existing/used one
Maintenance service including chemical cleaning, replacing gasket and plates on board or in workshop
Maintenance procedure including plate cleaning, NDT, assembling, pressure test, commissioning etc