Carrier Reliability Continues Growing
Release Date: 2017-7-27 Source:Chiefan 



Reviewing schedule reliability by trade, nine of the 12 trades improved from May 2017 to June 2017, according to the latest data from intelligence provider CargoSmart.

The three trades with decreasing schedule reliability were Asia-Africa, Europe-South America, and Europe-Oceania, decreasing by 13.7%, 6.6%, and 1.1%, respectively. The Europe-Middle East trade experienced the largest improvement in reliability, improving by 10.4%, from 60.7% in May 2017 to 71.1% in June 2017. The North America-Oceania trade had the highest reliability with 96.1% in June 2017.

Most of the carriers experienced varying degrees of improved schedule reliability from May 2017 to June 2017. As shown in Figure 3, CCNI, OOCL, Wan Hai, Alianca, and Hyundai showed the most improvement in schedule reliability with 11.9%, 11.5%, 10.7%, 10.1%, and 10.1% from May 2017 to June 2017.

The top five most reliable carriers in June 2017 were CCNI, MCC, OOCL, Evergreen, and CMA CGM, with an average on-time performance of 86.5%, 80.3%, 77.4%, 76.3%, and 76.2%, respectively.

From the port of discharge by region perspective, the Oceania region continued to rank the highest with 94.2% reliability in June 2017. Africa had the lowest reliability of 37.3% during the month, while the Middle East region experienced the largest improvement in reliability, improving by 12.3%, from 61.4% in May 2017 to 73.8% in June.